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Debt Recovery

If you are owed money and a refusal of payment results in you and/or your business being out of pocket, through no fault of your own, Hughes Murphy have a dedicated debt recovery team who specialise in recovering these monies in a quick and efficient manner.

Sometimes people leave it to the last minute to get in touch with their solicitor but we would urge you to contact us at the earliest possible moment.  Oftentimes, a strongly worded solicitor’s letter is enough to encourage the debtor to pay.

If the debtor refuses to pay, we will issue proceedings against them at the soonest possible time.  A strict timeline will be adhered too and if a judgment is obtained we will use every legal remedy at our disposal to return your debt to you.

All we ask is that you provide us with the name and address of the debtor and details of how the debt arose.  After that, your debt is in our safe hands.

For more information on the debt recovery process and the fees we charge in relation to same please contact us. 


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