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Wills Ireland 

Many people are not aware that if they do not have a valid will, their belongings will be distributed according to the law and there is a huge risk that the people you may wish to receive certain gifts will not be entitled to them. Others view wills as something that are only necessary for the very wealthy.

At Hughes Murphy we believe every single person would benefit from having their own will and we would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation to discuss the benefits of having a will created just for you. We have a team of dedicated probate solicitors who can advise you on the tax implications of certain gifts and other important elements that you may not have previously considered. A will can be altered once it has been created and you will be free to change it as time progresses. We would be happy to hold your will for safekeeping in our offices and make any amendments you wish.

Our basic wills are created for €100 plus VAT and we would advise you if there were to be any additional charges prior to the creation of your will.

For more information about Wills in Dublin, Ireland please get in touch today.