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Invoice redirection fraud alert

Invoice Redirect Fraud

Invoice Redirect Fraud is a crime targeting businesses working with suppliers and businesses that regularly perform online financial transactions. 

At this busy seasonal time, An Garda Síochána wishes to advise of the continuing existence of Invoice Redirect Fraud and urges businesses to remind employees to treat any request to change supplier bank account details with extreme caution. Losses amounting to over €700,000 have been reported to Gardaí in the last month.In the last month alone there have been numerous attempts in relation to this type of fraud in excess of €1.3 million with actual losses amounting to over €700,000.

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Bullying at Work

Bullying doesn’t begin and end with the schoolyard, unfortunately, and research shows that it is still a significant problem in the workplace.

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DPC Annual Report 2016

On the 11th April, the Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon released her Annual Report. This is her third annual report since taking up office in September 2014.

The Data Protection Commissioner is the national independent authority responsible for upholding the right to have personal data protected. This is a fundamental EU right of individuals, who can make complaints directly to the DPC where their data is not being properly protected.

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I Really Better Get That Will Done!

This is something that we hear all the time.  We are referring to a Last Will and Testament under which you direct how your Estate is to be distributed after your death and, importantly, what is to happen to your children, your belongings, your business, even your pets can get a mention!

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