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I Really Must Get That Will Done!

This is something that we hear all the time.

Last Will TestamentWe are referring to a Last Will and Testament under which you direct how your Estate is to be distributed after your death and, importantly, what is to happen to your children, your belongings, your business, even your pets can get a mention!

If you don’t manage your own affairs the Law will step in. Various pieces of legislation will dictate what will happen and it may not be what you would have wanted.

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Personal Injury Claims: Are we over-compensating?

A quick search of recent news articles on ‘personal injury claims’ reveals that the prevailing perception in the media is that many of these claims are exaggerated or even fraudulent. It is also clear that the media is heavily subscribed to the idea that damages awarded in personal injury cases are increasing.

Mr Justice Kevin Cross provides a strong counterpoint to that view in a recent article published in The Bar Review in November 2017.

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Are You Thinking Of Switching Your Mortgage?

We all shop around for home insurance and car insurance every year however, when it comes to our mortgages, there is a reluctance to do so.

At Hughes Murphy we have seen lots of clients gain huge financial benefits from shopping around and switching their mortgage provider.  It is important to talk to a mortgage advisor and set out your current mortgage arrangement and they will be able to talk you through potential savings in switching your mortgage.

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