Probate Solicitors in Dublin

Losing a loved one is a very difficult time.  There are practical difficulties in dealing with their affairs and personal belongings.   Hughes Murphy have a specialised team of Probate Solicitors in Dublin who have experience in administering both testate (deceased made a Will) and intestate (deceased had not made a Will) estates, which allows you to focus on yourself and your family.

A lot of the work involved in administering an Estate focuses on recovering monies from financial institutions, insurance companies etc , paying any debts of the estate and distributing any remaining monies to the beneficiaries nominated in a Will. Here at Hughes Murphy we appreciate the sensitive nature of this work and endeavour to work as quickly as possible to collect and distribute these assets.

Will & Probate Legal Advice

Hughes Murphy Solicitors in Dublin can offer expert legal advice on Wills & Probate Law in Ireland. For further information on Wills & Probate Law or to make an appointment phone us on 1800 910 912 or contact us here to arrange a callback.