Immigrant Investors Programme

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Visas Ireland offers an Irish citizenship and residency programme to ‘High Net Worth’ non-EEA individuals and their families by way of a solid investment in Ireland.

The investment in Social Housing Property Development provides a zero risk opportunity because of the fact that it is Government backed by way of rental guarantees. It presents the best citizenship by investment opportunity for you and your family to immigrate to Ireland, where you will enjoy many benefits available to Irish residents. 

Visas Ireland is a special purpose company dedicated to achieve 100% success in the investment immigration process in Ireland. Visas Ireland will complete an assessment of all investors prior to submission for approval to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services (INIS), and prepare the relevant documentation required by the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme.This is a unique offering which aims to ensure all client applications submitted by Visas Ireland to INIS will be approved.

Hughes Murphy is a trusted partner of Visas Ireland as a Law Society bonded firm of Solicitors. 

The Visas Ireland team of trusted partners also includes a senior Immigration Consultant, a former Department of Justice Assistant Principal, a firm of Chartered Accountants affiliated to the Association of Chartered Accountants Ireland and a Professional Property Developer. Visas Ireland will provide you with the best services for the investor visa process and future planning, and we enjoy a success rate of 100%. 

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