New Working Holiday Agreement – Ireland expands her Cultural Borders

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The Irish communities in Britain, the US and Australia have been established for centuries and continue to grow and change into the modern day. Lesser known are the communities of Irish that established themselves in South America.

During the nineteenth century, about 40,000 emigrants left Ireland for Argentina and their descendants still make-up a minority of Argentina’s diverse population.

In Chile, famous historical figures include Bernardo O’Higgins, the first president of the Republic of Chile, and Juan McKenna who fought against the Spanish empire in Chile.

This shared history can now be learned and celebrated by the participants of a new Working Holiday Agreement with Chile, separate to the Agreement already in place with Argentina.

Under the new scheme, which is intended to encourage greater movement of young people between both countries, up to 100 young people will be able to travel each way annually. Like other similar schemes, the main purpose of trips will be to allow an extended holiday, with employment as an incidental part of that stay.

It is an exciting time to foster links with Chile, where trade with Ireland is already growing, particularly in pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, software and environmental solutions.

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